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She’s Outdoors! How to reach her:

herrootsrundeep@aol.com 860-923-3439

Simply Summer Meditation

July Lavender in Bloom!

Summer Schedule

1.OM Chanting Tuesday’s 7:00pm 2.Simply Meditation Thursday’s 7:00pm 3. Ancient Fire Ceremony’s 7:00pm for more information see www.trivinicenter.org or omchanting.org


No Pets- 
“well behaved children warmly welcomed”

We have 8 Lavender gardens for your enjoyment.

Lavender bread, Lavender scones, Lavender muffins, Lavender buds

Poetry by Colin Haskins

See Kristin at the link on the 2010 issue and read her story of grace. http://www.theday.com/section/grace  

Now we are also on “Top 10 things to do in CT”


Celebrating THE ELEGANT EARTH at the farm everyday: :


   Connected to Nature!  Discover why a drive to the country makes you feel so good–you’re connected to Nature:


Farming for the New Millenium: Lavender flowers, in bulk or by the ounce, by the stem or by the bouquet!

Chief Inspiration Officer:


Some days that’s all I do is inspire people!

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