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“Welcome to The Tree of Life!”

Pick your own Lavender for the spring!

No Pets- 
“well behaved children warmly welcomed”

We have 8 Lavender gardens for your enjoyment.

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Lavender bread, Lavender scones, Lavender muffins, Lavender buds

Poetry by Colin Haskins

See Kristin at the link on the 2010 issue and read her story of grace. http://www.theday.com/section/grace  

Now we are also on “Top 10 things to do in CT”


Celebrating THE ELEGANT EARTH at the farm everyday: :


   Connected to Nature!  Discover why a drive to the country makes you feel so good–you’re connected to Nature:


Farming for the New Millenium: Lavender flowers, in bulk or by the ounce, by the stem or by the bouquet!

Chief Inspiration Officer:


Some days that’s all I do is inspire people!

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