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IMG_20150704_050748951Come to a Farm Just For the Health of it!  Fresh air & fresh lavender!

Flouncing contrarily down the Garden Path! 
Ah, yes, I do things differently!  I can’t garden in a pot–the reason I have 72 gardens. It just doesn’t seem right gardening in a pot:  the soil is fake, the plants are fake, the pot is plastic, the soil is made of things you can’t pronounce.  It’s only a mirage that gardening in a pot is easier–really it’s only easier WITH SCIENCE! 
UNcommon testimonials: 
“How beautiful Kristin.; thank you for the day.  The sun is beginning to flash through the trees, that beautiful golden sunshine of the early morning, a blessing I know you see each day from the beautiful farm my blessed friend shares with all who have found her pathway, not only to Fort Hill Farms and the Labyrinth, but also to the heart of a woman mother glory spirit who is Mrs. Orr, Mrs. Kristin. I love you and can’t wait to see your golden hair shining in the sun, and to taste CT’s best ice cream, with lavender topping of course! “
br: “I just loved meeting you and can’t thank you enough for the wonderful Lavender.  I am for sure coming back to your farm. What a place you have!!!! I see love of love, sweat and family history all around there. ”

This is not BOSTON COMMON–it’s Boston UNcommon, please do not bring pets. We warmly welcome well behaved children!  This is our home and our land and it is sacred ground.
br: Limitless Grace for you, Kristin, And congrats on all your recognition because you deserve it.  Charlotte from Greenwich, CT  

“Thank you, Queen Bee, for the day, you definitely have the spot to provide a superb experience.”

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